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Our Process

What is Einstein™? It's our secret sauce that solves the most significant marketing problem, who, what and when to advertise. This is Automotive's first Artificial Intelligence algorithm combing data, predictive analytics to determine who, what offer, when to promote and where to advertise.

Step 1 Needs Analysis.

Need you to help us understand what your big initiatives are, where your incentives are, how your CO-OP and CSI payments fit into your cash flow, how many models on the lot, average MSRP, CSI scores, average monthly sales, and average monthly Repair Orders.

Step 2 Budget Analysis.

We get asked a lot “How much should I spend?”—this depends on a number of factors but here’s a basic guideline if you don’t have access to our artificial intelligence and tools:

These touches are spread based on the 4Ps of Automotive Marketing that describes the customer buying process.

Phase 1: Product.

1 click: 1$ to $5.00 (Storm’s IMS Platform supplemented by Adwords)

Target: Search Results Page or Service Page

Phase 2: Price.

3 clicks: .50-$1.5 (Storm’s Einstein)

Target: Vehicle Detail Page

Phase 3: People.

3 clicks: .5-$1.5 (Storm’s Einstein)

Target: YouTube Video embedded on the website

Phase 4: Place.

3 clicks: .5-$1.5 (Storm’s Einstein)

Target: Specials Page or Appointment Page

Total Lead Cost: 1x$5.00 + 3×1.5 + 3x$1.5 + 3x$1.5 = $18.50

Show Rate: 40%

Up Cost: $13.50/.4 = $46.25

Close Ratio: 33%

Cost Per Sale= $33.75/.33 = $138.75

Let’s say you are Matt Ford and need to move 10xF150s this month:

So—you need to move 10 F150s. Budget $138.75*10 = $1387.50

Step 3 Strategy Formation.

You know and we know that cars left getting a suntan on the lot for longer than 60 days is bad news. Based on your incentives, inventory, sales goals, service goals, CO-OP budget and “out of pocket” budget we craft a strategy EACH MONTH.

Phase 1: Sales & Service Goals.

Tell us your sales and service goals along with the budget 10 days prior to the next month’s start.

Phase 2: Team of Experts.

Our creative, analytics and strategy team design the “4 Phase Funnel” for each sales goal.

Phase 3: Your Approval.

We are able to provide intensive hands-on a partnership with you in your marketing because you are assigned a dedicated Dealer Strategist who has his/her own support team. In other words, partnering with us gets you an outsourced CMO and internal digital marketing staff.

Step 4: Strategy Execution.

We flip the switch on IMS™ Platform to feed Einstein™ to feed your showroom with Ups.

We set up a geofenced conversion zone around your dealership so we can track and report IN REAL TIME the performance of the digital campaign and the number of Ups you have received from the campaign.

Step 5 Evaluation, Analysis, Reporting & Recommendations.

Phase 1: Continuous Data Collection.

We will perform continuous Data Collection powered by Einstein™.

Phase 2: Performance and Insight Reporting.

We will conduct reports on site performance, key K.P.I’s and insights.

Phase 3: Rinse and Repeat.

We will conduct reports on site performance, key K.P.I’s and insights.