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What is Einstein™? It's our secret sauce that solves the most significant marketing problem, who, what and when to advertise. This is Automotive's first Artificial Intelligence algorithm combing data, predictive analytics to determine who, what offer, when to promote and where to advertise.

Step-By-Step Walkthrough

Einstein is our proprietary A.I. platform that intelligently pushes your customers through the buying process to get them on your lot as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Step 1: Einstein Collects Data

He pulls from data sources such as Experian, Cars.com, Facebook, the customer’s browser history, the customer’s IP address, our IMS platform and sometimes your equity mining tool, CRM and DMS (in extreme cases).

Step 2: Einstein™ Analyzes Data & Buying Behavior

Einstein analyzes data & buying behavior to predict an ideal in market shopper:

  • You can’t sell a brand new $55,000 truck to a FICO below 600.
  • Someone making $40,000/year most likely couldn’t afford that $55,000 truck.
  • Someone who bought a car less than two years ago probably doesn’t have enough equity yet for an even trade.
  • Someone browsing sedans on Cars.com probably won’t respond to a truck offering.

Einstein knows all of this and continually gets smarter with each click.

Step 3: Einstein™ Serves Your Ads

The result is delivery of the right message to the right buyer in the right state in the buying process.

The result is $30-$70 Ups vs. the industry average of $100!

Step 4: Einstein™ Tracks Your Results

Most shoppers have mobile phones. 77% of them show up on the lot without a phone call or email and an equal amount shop only on their mobile phones.>

Einstein tracks, counts (and will target) every mobile phone that has visited your lot.

*Einstein does the same to your competitors and cross-references the data with known data about their digital ad spent to come up with insights on what is working!

What is Every Marketers Problem?

Every marketer’s problem is spending your advertising budget on strategies that are not only expensive but complicated to understand. The most frustrating aspect is attempting to identifying which programs converted and which did not. If you don’t know that, you’re just throwing money away.

Problem Solved!

It’s the first technology of it’s kind. Einstein tells you by channel, and by offer exactly which monthly customers bought from you! Einstein knows which ads drove which sales!